Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pizza in the Sky

There's a really neat pizza joint (if you could call it that) about and hour and a half from the house (uchi). It's an hour from my friend's (tomodachi no) house but it took us two hours (ni ji) to get there. Hahaha! I took a little detour. Okay, I took a wrong turn but the pictures (shashin) prove that we made it there. I'm a Pizza Hut kinda girl but this little pie is worth the drive. If you ever come visit and we go there you make think I'm going to kill you and dump your body. They have restaurants and shops here in crevices and on precipices where you almost can't find them.

It was INSANELY hot (atsui) in that little place. Naturally, there are no air conditioners. There were a couple of fans but they seemed more like a consolation prize. They didn't really make us feel any better. They make one kind of pizza in two different sizes. This is not an order-your-choice-of-toppings kind of restaurant (restoran). You get the medium or large. The only other food item on the menu is a salad and it's big enough to feed everyone at the table. It's quite satisfying to tell your waitress..."tsumetai mizu kudasai"...and have her come back with cold water for everyone. Ahh! Those Japanese classes are paying off!

This is what "Pizza in the Sky" looks like in Kanji,
I guess...
It's called "Pizza in the Sky" for a reason.
It's on top of a small mountain (yama)...maybe just
a really high (takai) hill. The view is AMAZING!

I'd bet you never had iced tea served this way before.

This is the pizza. This is the ONLY kind you get.
Yes, that is corn. What you don't see is the garlic!

Note the two bottles of Tabasco in the foreground. Hahaha!
This little bee fascinated me. There was a little garden
outside that had bees and butterflies flying all around.

I put the zoom lens on but it was still cold from
being in the car and it fogged up on me.

Look at the colors on his abdomen. They're gorgeous!

This is the restaurant. Yes, everyone sits on the floor.
There is one table inside and a bistro-type one on the
porch. And, staying true to Japanese (nihongo) custom
everyone takes their shoes (nugatsu) off at the door.

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